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McLaren And Honda Used Five Engines During Four Days Of Testing

Yep, the third year of McLaren and Honda’s partnership hasn’t got off to the best start after the F1 team got through five power units during just four days of testing.

Running of the MCL32 was hindered throughout the test for Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne thanks to a number of issues and problems, which meant McLaren was apparently already on its third engine by day two.

It then failed and needed to be switched for a fourth, and according to the BBC despite more reliable running on the final two days another engine was used too.

What’s worse is the fact that Honda F1 boss Yusuke Hasegawa has said the causes of some of the issues McLaren experienced during testing are still unknown. He is quoted telling Spanish TV station Movistar:

“The mechanical issue, I don’t know enough yet to be confident about that. Of course, I worry about that.”

Which problem he’s referring to, we’re not sure. But it might also impact which engine specification is used at the second test. Hasegawa said it hasn’t impacted Honda’s relationship with McLaren though:

“In the tests, of course, this is a stage we need to overcome a lot of trouble. So sometimes we need to argue or we need to have constructive discussion, but I think we are doing a very good job and we have a very good relationship.”

All of this, despite Honda completely redesigning and restructuring its power unit. Oops… let’s hope McLaren has a more productive second test.

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