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McLaren Need To Make This Stunning LMP1 Concept

mclaren lmp1 2

Rumours of Ferrari building an LMP1 seem to be based more on wishful thinking than actual fact. But surely McLaren, with their recent P1 GTR shod in a McLaren F1 tribute livery, and their 675LT also paying small tribute to the F1 in its name, would be a better company for people to imagine racing in the top flight at Le Mans?

Thankfully, graphic artists G24 Studio had the same idea and has produced these absolutely stunning renders of what a modern McLaren prototype might look like.

This achingly beautiful concept has plenty of styling cues from the McLaren road-car range and a livery that proves that chrome, black and red really doesn’t have to be boring. Someone get Ron Dennis on the phone and tell him that this has to become a thing.

mclaren lmp1 McLaren_LMP1_05-1024x576 McLaren_LMP1_06-1024x576



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