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McLaren MP4/4 Given Awesome Futuristic Redesign

A lot of Formula One fans don’t know whether they want futuristic-looking race cars or a return the stunning retro designs from Prost and Senna’s era. So why not both?

Designer Nathan Dearsley has created this awesome concept design which sees the classic McLaren MP4/4 get a futuristic redesign, he calls it the McLaren MP6/P.



“Body design is purposefully primitive to punch a non turbulent flow of air out of the rear boasted overtaking opportunities.”



Like most concept designs it would probably make the likes of Adrian Newey facepalm in shame but boy does it look epic, like if Formula One was in Mass Effect or something.

According to the design it’s the year 2056 and McLaren are going back to their roots in the hope of regaining the dominance of the Senna/Prost era.



I can’t wait till 2056, I want it now.

See more on Nathan Dearsley‘s blog.

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