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McLaren Offered Ricciardo The Chance To Drive For Them In Another Series

Sometimes it can feel like McLaren are taking over motorsport, racing in so many series! Of course, there’s F1, but the papaya gang also have a team in IndyCar, Extreme E and are soon to be in Formula E.

With so many drivers on their radar and a handful of places they could send them to race, many have questioned whether Daniel Ricciardo could make the jump to another series now it’s confirmed that he won’t be representing McLaren in F1 next year!

As quoted by, Zak Brown apparently offered the Honey Badger the opportunity to make the switch to IndyCar 👀

“Yes, we spoke about that,” Brown said when asked if a move to IndyCar could have been on the cards. “As Andreas Seidl said, he’s an exceptional racing driver, and any team that he drives for is so privileged to have Daniel drive for them, and we do have a variety of racing activities.

“But, that being said, he’s very focused on Formula 1.”

Although it could have been a cool change for DR, we hope to see him on the F1 grid next year with another team🤞

6 thoughts on “McLaren Offered Ricciardo The Chance To Drive For Them In Another Series

  • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

    I think there is something within McLaren and Dani that will not match. That is why he didn’t got the results he wanted.

    I wonder tho, now the pressure is of preforming is kinda gone. Can rise about his current form? I do see that as an option. Like f*ck it, let’s go! Worse thing that can happen he crashed the car. Not like it will affect his car for next year(budget cap). If he got a car for next year. If he somehow shows a bit of his former self he will became more likely to get hired by another team.

  • Louis Castro says:

    Anyone else think it’s strange that they rolled out this announcement without any other announcements to accompany it in regards to this confusing driver shuffle?

    • It is, but there’s nothing else to announce. Presumably, Piastri is untangling his mess with Alpine and Ricciardo is yet to sign with another team. They dropped the press release to avoid questions about Ricciardo’s future over the race weekend.

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