McLaren’s New P1 GTR Looks Unbelievably Epic – WTF1

McLaren’s New P1 GTR Looks Unbelievably Epic

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While McLaren might not know how to paint their Formula One cars properly, there’s no denying they totally nailed it with their new track-only car, the P1 GTR. To be fair though, you could cover the car in shit and it would still look absolutely incredible. I mean just look at it! Look at those lines!

Much like the Ferrari FXXK, this new McLaren is made for the race track only but with 986bhp (yes, 9 freaking hundred!) you wouldn’t want to be within range when someone hits the accelerator pedal.

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And while it may seem a strange choice of colours for McLaren i.e not grey, it’s actually a tribute to the Harrods-sponsored McLaren F1 GTR that scored a podium finish at the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours.

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