Mechanics Ran Onto A Live Track To Fix A Car During The Nurburgring 24 Hours

When the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG GT3 made a bid for freedom during the Nurburgring 24 Hours, the mechanics decided to run out of the pits and onto the circuit to try and fix it

Maxi Götz was barreling out of the pits when his left-rear wheel shot off, leaving the car dragging a trail of sparks before spinning at the first corner. But instead of leaving it to the recovery crews to get the car back to the pits for repairs, a couple of ‘brave’ mechanics made the bold decision to run out of the pits and down and across the live race track to try and reattach the wheel, all whilst wearing nice shiny, highly-visible black overalls.

(Skip to the 6:10 mark to see the mechanics trotting down the track)

No wonder the marshals looked furious! It worked, though - the wheel was recovered from the gravel and reattached. After another stop to replace a missing spacer Götz was sent on his way.

Unsurprisingly race control did not take kindly to the mechanics running out onto the track and slapped the team with a €2000 fine.