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Meet The F1 Fan Who Takes Incredible Photos Using Model Cars

We’re missing seeing cars on track, like big time. However, one motorsport fan has taken things into his own hands. Can’t photograph cars on the track? No problem. Create your own race circuit and use model cars. Trust us when we say the results are incredible.

Benedek Lampert is the genius behind this idea, and his photographs are so creative. Using a vape pen to give off the illusion of smoke, painting his own curbing and adding sand to shots for extra texture is all part of the long process.

The results are amazing and could even be mistaken for the real thing!

Seriously, they are so cool and Benedek is mega talented. We can’t even take a nice photo on our phones, let alone create a whole photoshoot for action toys!

Please be sure to head over to Benedek’s Instagram and show him some love. We’re big fans of these brilliant photographs that he is able to create, and have massive respect for all the hard work that goes into each and every one. If you’re obsessed at how he creates each and every piece, he’s also shared this helpful video on his YouTube account.

Awesome job 👏



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