Mercedes continues to joke about the spare 2017 Formula 1 seat that’s up for grabs, even going as far as placing an ad for a new F1 driver in Autosport magazine.

Großer Preis von Monaco 2016, Sonntag
Who’ll race alongside Lewis Hamilton next year?

The news of Nico Rosberg’s Formula 1 retirement just days after claiming his first title came as quite a shock to the Mercedes team.

But on social media at least, Mercedes has reacted pretty well to the news – from banter with Max Verstappen to a spot on the Mercedes ‘vacancies’ noticeboard.

But the Brackley-based outfit appears to have taken this further by placing an ad for a new F1 driver in this week’s Autosport magazine…

For those unaware, there’s a section in Autosport magazine for product advertisements and job vacancies in motorsport.

Mercedes took things to a new level with an ad for a “self-motivated” new F1 driver with “a strong desire for success and a commitment to teamwork”.

A proven track record in skills like “steering, braking and accelerating” are also a must for this job offer.

But sadly us simpletons can’t apply for the role, as there’s no address to reply to, contact details or closing date. Boo.

Props, Mercedes, for creating a hilarious joke out of what’s been a pretty tough situation for the Silver Arrows.