Formula 1 strategy is always a fascinating (if, slightly confusing at times) part of a race but it didn’t appear there was much of it at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Rain can either make for a fun, entertaining and strategically interesting race, or a relatively straight-forward one.

In Brazil, there was actually a lot more to consider than many might think when it came to strategy calls, as conditions changed, crashes happened and red flags emerged.

Lewis Hamilton became the first driver since Alain Prost at the 1993 German Grand Prix to win a F1 race without making a single official pit stop.

That’s because he changed tyres during the two red flag periods, with Mercedes keeping him out and reacting to the events of the race to get away with not stopping him at all.

So for you F1 strategy geeks, here’s a look at how Mercedes reacted to the wet weather in Brazil and how the race played out through strategy.