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Mercedes Have Asked The FIA To Review The Verstappen Brazil Incident Again

Just when you thought you could have a nice break in between races, Mercedes have dropped a bombshell and have asked for a ‘Right of Review’ for the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the Brazilian GP this weekend. Drive To Survive certainly won’t be short of drama next season 🔥

In a statement shared on Tuesday afternoon, Mercedes have referenced the “new evidence” that has become available and wasn’t shared with the FIA at the time. We can only assume that this is referring to the Max Verstappen front forward onboard camera that has now been made public.

“The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team confirms that we have today requested a Right of Review under Article 14. 1. 1 of the International Sporting Code, in relation to the Turn 4 incident between Car 44 and Car 33 on lap 48 of the 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix, on the basis of new evidence unavailable to the Stewards at the time of their decision.”

The incident in question saw Lewis Hamilton attempt to pass Verstappen to take the lead of the race. The two championship rivals were forced off the track, yet the stewards decided not to investigate the manoeuvre.

It has remained a popular topic of conversation, especially as FIA Race Director Michael Masi admitted that they didn’t have Verstappen’s front-facing onboard when they decided to dismiss any further investigation.

Hamilton did eventually pass Verstappen for the win, but the reigning constructors’ champions clearly think this new evidence is enough to warrant a Right of Review and want answers on the incident.

It’s certainly another twist to this insane 2021 season, and we can’t wait to see what the next steps are..

6 thoughts on “Mercedes Have Asked The FIA To Review The Verstappen Brazil Incident Again

    • How did they cheat? This ridiculous “cheating” theory holds absolutely no water. Yes, their drs was 0.2mm outside of allowed tolerances on one side. But the stewards agreed that this was due to damage not intent. I mean why on earth would they deliberately make just one side over by an amount equivalent to two pieces of paper? What would be the purpose? Anyone continuing to push this nonsense agenda is only making themselves look ignorant or stupid.
      As for the appeal, why wouldn’t they? The finally released footage presumably shows that Max ran Lewis off deliberately. After all Max’s ranting about Lewis not giving him room to pass being the reason he drove over the top of him Max really doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    • The marginal gain from such “cheat” is under 0,01 s, as you can see in F1’s own assessment. Also, your claim of cheating fails to recognize thst the deviation was due to damage, not intent. So, you’re either ignorant or wilfully pushing fake/alternative facts…
      PS: in case you just started to watch F1 this weekend (as it seems to be the case), it is also worth considering that other teams were able to correct/rectify their body elements which were affected by damage, in parc fermé, on previous occasions, while Merc wasn’t…

  • I think you need to change the headline of your article. The headline says Mercedes is asking them to review the incident “again”, but they never actually reviewed it the first time they just noted it. I think that if the stewards had actually investigated the incident during the race and deemed it a racing incident it wouldn’t be such a big talking point. It’s the fact that they never even looked at it when so many other minor incidents have not only been reviewed but resulted in penalties. It’s just so inconsistent it really diminishes the credibility of the FIA and the stewarding process.

  • It’ll give the FIA a chance to clarify the rules, Checo and lando got penalties in Austria for forcing a driver off the track which was nowhere near as bad as verstappen on Hamilton

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