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Mercedes Have Withdrawn Their Appeal Against The Abu Dhabi GP Result

It’s official. Max Verstappen is your 2021 F1 World Champion as Mercedes have announced they have withdrawn their appeal against the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix results. This statement was shared just hours before the FIA’s Prize Giving Gala and stated that the team came to a decision with help from their driver Lewis Hamilton.

In a statement shared on social media, the team confirmed that they would “hold the FIA accountable,” but they’ll also “withdraw [their] appeal”.

Hamilton lost out on a potential eighth world championship with a highly controversial ending to the season finale that involved the safety car restart.

“Together with Lewis, we have deliberated carefully over how to respond to the events at the Formula 1 season finale. We have always been guided by our love of this sport, and we believe that every competition should be won on merit. In the race on Sunday, many felt, us included, that the way things unfolded was not right.

“The reason we protested the race result on Sunday was because the Safety Car regulations were applied in a new way that affected the race result, after Lewis had been in a commanding lead and on course to win the World Championship.

“We appealed in the interest of sporting fairness, and we have since been in a constructive dialogue with the FIA and Formula 1 to create clarity for the future, so that all competitors know the rules under which they are racing, and how they will be enforced.

“Thus, we welcome the decision by the FIA to install a commission to thoroughly analyse what happened in Abu Dhabi and to improve the robustness of rules, governance and decision making in Formula 1. We also welcome that they have invited the teams and drivers to take part.

“The Mercedes-AMG Petronas team will actively work with this commission to build a better Formula 1 – for every team and every fan who loves this sport as much as we do. We will hold the FIA accountable for this process and we hereby withdraw our appeal.”

This is a breaking news story and will be updated. 

16 thoughts on “Mercedes Have Withdrawn Their Appeal Against The Abu Dhabi GP Result

  • Correct decision from Mercedes in the end but unfortunately they have already done a lot of damage to their reputation regarding sportsmanship and have tarnished this championship more than was needed. It is okay to be angry or upset when you loose but in any other sport the losing team would have dealt with their emotions behind closed doors instead of shouting, threating legal action or boycotting award photoshoots. Yes the rules need to be looked at so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again (or so that people understand why it was legal within the current rules) but that too can be done behind closed doors after a cool down period. I have never seen this kind of behavior in any other sport, even when it would have been justified. I also hope that as part of the FIA’s commission they address the way the team bosses speak to the race director. It was clear that Toto has little respect for the authority of the position.

      • Respecting the position is different than respecting the person. All sportspeople learn to respect the referee because he has the authoritative position. If a player or manager in any other sport spoke to the man in charge in that way he would have been booted from the game and severely reprimanded but the team bosses keep getting away with it.

    • It’s a grey area man. Mercedes didn’t do anything wrong. Yes, with one of the allegations, the one with the overtaking behind the safety car. But they were in the right for the second one. Don’t get me wrong, Max deserves it, but the FIA should have let the lapped cars pass the lap before, in the other 2 sectors apart from the one with the incident. The FIA tarnished their own sport. Mercedes is just easier to blame.

      • I get that and yes the FIA is more to blame here. I just feel that Mercedes didn’t take the loss very well regardless of what happened. No one wants to loose in that way but it’s also not great seeing grown men crying because things didn’t go exactly their way (And regardless of what anyone says, it was within the admittedly poorly written rules but slightly strange). Honestly it’s been a trend this whole season and needs to stop for the good of the sport. Kinda ruined the season for me long before the final race.

        • Since Interlagos I ahven’t seen a race without some kind of something that resulted in nothing being done about it. Here I’m on the fence, I fucking loved how it ended, but at the cost of bending the rules, in the long run it’s not a good idea at all. Rules should be enforced and they should sort out the ambiguities. It should be clear cut. Oh, and Masi should have grown the balls in Bahrain, not now in Abu.

          • Why does it have to be so clear cut? The solution was simple. Allow all the back markers go through? Slow the safety car to a crawl or stop it on the track and allow everyone to be in their proper position. Assuming the track was safe for the workers. A red flag was possible but clearly overkill since the incident was cleared quickly and there was no wall damage to repair. The director has complete control over the safety car. So call the driver and tell him to slow to a crawl to allow enough time to get the crappy teams out of the way and allow Ham and Max have a race. Just because they don’t normally do that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen.

            This was the only problem with the conflicting rules. Any cars pass the safety car. All cars pass? SC pitting in the following lap vs. the director has control over the safety car? Technicalities.

            The fact it was safe to race and the director made the call then I don’t see a problem. MB wants to win on a technicality and that is just plain ridiculous. The teams that should be complaining are the ones who didn’t get to pass the safety car while others did. Yet, none of them are crying like Toto has been for the last few days. Even Hamilton isn’t crying like Toto is.

            I can see how what happened can be construed as bending the rules but in the end no one cared about the teams who didn’t get to pass the safety car except those individual teams. Sorry but they weren’t important. It was RBs and MBs show.. MB has no complaint that is valid other than a technicality that the SC goes in on the following lap. Well, sorry. Its a race and you lost because your strategy call didn’t happen to work out. Happens all the time. Lando can tell you that from his Russia call to stay out in the rain on slicks.

          • So screw the rules? And just focus on the best teams? That’s really not the way I want to watch the sport. You know RB and MB were crappy teams too before, right? It’s the final race and that’s why it’s more easy to accept, but if it was during the season, I’m sure the other teams would have said something. FYI, I was rooting for Max, and it was correct to unlap the cars, but they had time to do that before, it’s a long track and even with the debris on the track they could have unlapped themselves over the 5+ km, without the 100m of the incident, in due time for final showdown that was on everybody’s mind. That was the only mistake.

          • If the other teams had a problem they would have spoken up. None did. Zero because they knew it didn’t matter.

            Just seems to me the only rule that is debatable is if all the back markers should have been let through vs just some. My question is why didn’t Masi slow the SC down. I heard Hamilton call about the speed of the SC because his tires were cooling. So what? Slow the car down and get everyone around and then start the race. Yes, screw the rules if it says something like the following lap vs current lap. That is a stupid technicality that Masi, I feel, had complete control over granted to him in the regulations.

            It is the only thing, in the rules, that gives him the leeway to keep the race going. I believe that is the purpose of giving the director that power.

            His call should have been, “Safety Car slow to 5 kph/mph and allow everyone pass to set up for a one lap finish.”

  • Steven Bremer says:

    I was watching a YouTube video last night from the Racer channel and they talked about how the radio communication from both sides could influence the race directors decision. They drew a parallel to how football coaches can’t run on the pitch and speak with referees in the middle of a match. They concluded that it should be the same for F1.

    At the end of the day I am glad this is all done and dusted. It was an amazing year and should lead to an amazing 2022 season.

    • Was it that channel who announced 2022 will not allow teams to speak to the director? Needs to happen. Safety should the be the over arching importance in decision making not racing. I think if Masi didn’t have the two main principals in his ear before and during the race he might have made a different decision. We will never know but take way the rotten influence and his head might have been more clear to either red flag, if safety warranted, or slow the safety car to a crawl and allow all the lapped cars through so they could have one lap with everyone in their traditional position.

      • That is the one. I feel like they allowed it this year just for the drama. Feels like it was something that Netflix asked for. I will bet the house on the No Mikey No making into the next season of DTS. It was honestly painful to hear. Toto sounded like one of my children when I tell them it is time for bed.

        • Yes, whoever has their hand on the button to publish the radio calls definitely made sure Toto’s call was played during the lap. It was almost like a dramatic movie being played out.

          Horner said he was screaming at Masi over the radio but they didn’t play any of that.

          I think they need a race director team. Masi cannot do this all alone. Have a liaison to talk to the teams and leave the director out of it. Also need another person who has constant contact to the track clerk and the safety managers spread around the track.

  • Other outlets have reported Hamilton told the team not to continue. Hamilton is all class and gets the big picture. Toto could learn a thing or two from his driver.

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