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Mercedes Are So Far Ahead Of Everyone Else It’s Ridiculous

We’re all used to Mercedes finishing top of practice, setting pole position and then winning the race, but their advantage in Monza for the Italian Grand Prix is even more darn-diddily-darn ridiculous.

While McLaren Honda are using a bucket load of engine tokens in the hope of not completely sucking, Mercedes have used all their remaining engine tokens for Monza because why the hell not?

The result is that Mercedes are now miles quicker through the speed traps, faster than the usual speed trap masters, Force India and a full 10 kph faster than their title rival Sebastian Vettel.

And if you think that speed traps don’t really matter, then the Free Practice 1 result makes for even more grim reading if you’re anything other than a Mercedes fan.

Almost two seconds quicker than their rivals! That’s an unheard of amount in modern Formula One.

Good luck everyone else.

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