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Mercedes Are Interested In Three Car F1 Teams

With Red Bull threatening to quit, Force India and Sauber trying to sue the sport and Lotus completely broke, Formula One’s already tiny grid could get even smaller in 2016.

Now the whole ‘three-car team’ debate has been reignited after Executive Director of Mercedes, Toto Wolff has said that third cars would be an exciting prospect for the sport.

“If a team would leave, and we’ve had the discussion about Lotus a while ago, then third cars are the solution to fill up the grid,” said Wolff. “I’d rather have Red Bull in the sport and third cars and a grid of 27-28 cars, and some exciting young drivers in those third cars.”

He does have a point, three-car teams would certainly help with F1’s current ‘size problem’ (lol) and it may see more exciting drivers on the grid if teams have space to hire some talent to go alongside their pay-drivers.

So, three-car teams. Yay or nay?




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