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Lauda Wants To Know Why Mercedes Weren’t Shown On TV More

Despite Mercedes scoring yet another 1-2 finish and Lewis Hamilton equalling Ayrton Senna’s tally of 41 race victories, you’d be excused for thinking the Silver Arrows weren’t even in the Japanese Grand Prix due to their lack of prominence on the TV coverage.

While most of us would just say it’s ‘because it’s boring,’ Niki Lauda was curious why his team were barely featured on the world feed.

“It was funny, to be honest,” said Lauda. “Because I saw Saubers and a lot of Honda cars. With the pitstop of Lewis, the leader, you only saw him driving out. You didn’t even see how he changed his wheels, so it was interesting to see.

“So I have to ask – I want to see Bernie next week and ask him what is the reason? If you ask the question, you get an answer.”

Do you think Mercedes should have been shown more during the race or were FOM right to show the midfield battles instead?

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