Pre-war Grand Prix racing can seem like a world apart from Grand Prix racing as we know it today, but photographer Jan Rambousek has brought the past to life with these amazing images produced to celebrate 80 years of the legendary Mercedes W25 – the original Silver Arrow.

Screenshot 2014-12-03 at 13.02.57

Using old photographs, films and text from the time, Jan and creative director Tomas Kopecny wanted to produce images which look as authentic as possible. Using the kind of resources usually reserved for film production, hundreds of extras and teams of CGI artists helped make their vision a reality.

The finished images look fantastic – sometimes you have to do a double take to realise that they aren’t actually real. They’ve been on display at various events, including this years Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the atmosphere of the whole event provided the perfect backdrop for the pictures.

Screenshot 2014-12-03 at 13.02.27

For more information on the creative process and to view the entire collection of pictures, the website is well worth a look!