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Michael Masi Has Been Fired As F1’s Race Director

HE’S GONE! After his controversial decisions at last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the FIA have sacked Michael Masi from his role as F1’s Race Director.

You wait two months for news and then they go and drop it during Ferrari’s 2022 launch, typical! 

As part of a whole host of changes for the 2022 season, it’s been announced Masi will be replaced by a rotating Race Director role, similar to how F1’s stewards operate.

The role will switch between WEC Race Director Eduardo Freitas and ex-DTM Race Director Niels Wittich. They’ll be assisted by Herbie Blash as a permanent senior adviser, Blash having worked as the deputy Race Director under Charlie Whiting.

Following the sudden death of Charlie Whiting ahead of the 2019 season, Masi stepped up into the role at short notice. Although he’s being replaced, the Aussie may not be completely gone from the F1 paddock – as he is set to be offered a yet-to-be-disclosed alternate role within the FIA.

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15 thoughts on “Michael Masi Has Been Fired As F1’s Race Director

  • Not sure about an alternating role.
    The race director can provide consistency from race to race (although that did not happen under Masi)
    More support for the race director during the race is a positive move.

  • This was them waiting until the last minute, as to not act as if this was going to happen due to the pressure of the fans, teams and the horrid race call

  • Freitas will do just fine in this role. What the FIA needs is a race director who isn’t afraid to get the belt out, which is something Masi couldn’t do even when he was being competent

  • brendan Reznik says:

    This is bull. Massi handled the hardest situation in F1 history with the hamilton Vs verstappen decisions. Yes, he could have handled the final race of the year better, but it was a super hard choice in the first place. He had been ruling against verstappen all year, and he made the one final call that yes, went in Verstappen’s favor, but it was a reasonable call. Mercedes didn’t pit, that is on hamilton, and toto. Not massi

  • Daryl Szebesta says:

    What amazes me is that it took so long, he’d have been gone the Sunday evening if any sane person was in charge. Difficult to know what job to give him if its to match his competence

  • A little surprised they haven’t incorporated Budkowski into this structure but maybe that will come later. He has relevant experience and I don’t think he’s going to get another team principal job any time soon.

    • I’d imagine that, if Budkowski plays any role in the enforcement of the sporting regulations, it would be more on the technical side. The best kind of person to have as a scrutineer is one who already know all the tricks that teams like to pull.

  • Ivan Kolesnikov says:

    Massi did nothing wrong. Lewis lost fair and square and now he and his team are scapegoating the person who was favouring them for the whole season and then ruled fairly when it mattered. Guess that’s what you ususally get when you do a right thing. I wish someone else beat LH this season coz he desrves to be defeated for all the moaning and blaming others for his own errors.

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