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Michael Masi Set To Take Up His Next Big Motorsport Role

So, it turns out Michael Masi just can’t stay away from motorsport – but this time, he’s taking up a top position a little bit closer to home!

After a rollercoaster of a stint as F1’s race director, Masi officially left the FIA last month, relocating back home to Australia to be closer to family and “take on new challenges”.

Well, if you were wondering what Masi might get up to next, multiple outlets are now reporting that the Aussie is set to become the new Chairman of the Supercars Commission in Australia, which governs the technical and sporting rules in his home nation’s premier touring car category.

The Supercars Championship are currently in the process of making Masi’s appointment official and is seeking approval from team owners at the next race at Sandown International Motor Raceway this weekend.

Life has literally come full circle for Masi, who made his first splash in world motorsport as the deputy race director of Motorsport Australia, before moving to the FIA in 2018 as deputy to ex-F1 race director Charlie Whiting.

Masi then took over from Whiting – who had sadly passed away shortly before the 2019 Australian Grand Prix – acting as F1’s race director until his controversial final race in 2021.

Given he’d felt like “the most hated man in the world” at one point, it’s great to see Masi sticking around in motorsport, and hopefully, his new job is a little more chillaxed than his last one!

Good luck, Michael!

15 thoughts on “Michael Masi Set To Take Up His Next Big Motorsport Role

          • You can’t. Just as I thought.

            FIA findings: The Race Director called the safety car back into the pit lane without it having completed an additional lap as required by the Formula 1 Sporting Regulations (Article 48.12).

            Rule broken. Bye.

      • Bollocks. No where did the teams agree for Masi to ignore the rules. Good riddance to him. He cost Lewis an historic 8th title

        • Martin Wootton says:

          All the teams pushed and pushed all year for a race not to finish under a safety car. He only had one lap to make a decision and it didn’t work out for cry baby. Shame. I say good riddance to cry baby when he finally retires.

          • Bollocks. Teams wanted to avoid a safety car finish, but within the rules. And Masi could’ve chosen other legit means to end it under green flag, such as leaving ALL the lapped cars in place. Masi chose a hotch potch option that only benefitted Verstappen,

    • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

      Nah he had also robbed Max of a win in Bahrain last year and gifted it to Lewis by changing the rules mid race, so it still evened out 👍

      • Nah–pre race notes indicated track limits were not going to be enforced in regards to setting a lap time so all drivers exceeded turn 4. And Max got done for overtaking off track, which is always prohibited. Don’t confuse the two.

  • norman cummins says:

    Shouldn’t be allowed to oversee a game of tiddely winks. Is Horner the puppeteer going with him?

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