There were massive cheers from the grandstands at Spa as Mick Schumacher lapped the Belgian GP venue at the wheel of his dad’s 1994 championship-winning car.

The Benetton outing was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Michael Schumacher’s first F1 victory at the 1992 Belgian GP.

That first victory kicked off the seven-time world champion’s incredible run of success in the sport, adding 90 more wins to his tally during his time in F1.

A nice touch from Mick was that he had a half-and-half helmet – one side was his own colour scheme, and the other used one of Michael’s iconic designs.

It was amazing to see the 1994 car, a hugely important one in Schumacher’s career, back out on track with Michael’s son behind the wheel. Naturally, social media went crazy for the pictures, videos and footage of the demo, and it proved to be a brilliant celebration of the moment and Schumacher’s F1 career in general.

Seeing pictures and footage of the B194 demo was an emotional moment – you can only imagine what the atmosphere was like at the track itself.