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Watch A Minardi F1 Car Get Completely Rebuilt

The Minardi M02 may not have been the most successful F1 car (even by Minardi standards), but with its luminous yellow paint job and Telefonica sponsorship it’s surely one of the best looking of its era.

This awesome time lapse video shows one of the cars being rebuilt for a demonstration run in 2014, and you can even hear the gorgeous Cosworth V10 getting fired up at the 1min 17secs mark.

Drivers Marc Gené and Gaston Mazzacane (remember him?!) scored best results of three 8th places between them during the 2000 season. The M02 was also the final car to be built by Minardi before Paul Stoddart took over the running of the team.

Fan favourites and perennial backmarkers, the Minardi F1 team ceased to be at the end of 2005 when Red Bull bought them and they became Toro Rosso.



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