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Mini moments: More custom models in classic F1 scenes

Remember Racing Dioramic’s customised model cars that recreated classic scenes? Well here’s a whole bunch more of them. They’ve made scenes from all different eras that include greats such as Andretti, Schumacher and Senna.

Click below for a load more custom models.

Mario Andretti and Colin Chapman – 1979 

World Champion Mario Andretti chats to motorsport legend Colin Chapman in his Lotus 80. The figures both look great in this model.

Michael Schumacher – 1991 Belgian Grand Prix

This model features Michael Schumacher in the Jordan, after he retired from his first Grand Prix on lap one of the race. Not the greatest of debuts but you could say he had a pretty good career from then on.

Ayrton Senna – 1993 Australian Grand Prix

Ayrton Senna often waved the Brazilian flag after winning a race. This model re-creates the moment he won the 1993 Australian Grand Prix, which would end up being his final victory.

Michael Schumacher – 1998 Belgian Grand Prix

A famous seen from one of the most incredible races in F1 history. Schumacher drove his 3 wheeled Ferrari back to the pits before going off to try and kill David Coulthard. This model replicates the cars damage perfectly.

Fernando Alonso – 2007 Monaco Grand Prix

This model features Fernando Alonso after winning the 2007 Monaco Grand Prix for his favourite team, McLaren.

Valentino Rossi – 2008 Mugello Test

Moto GP legend Valentino Rossi tested a Ferrari F1 car back in 2008. They have customised this model to feature the famous ‘46’ as well as Rossi’s iconic helmet.


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