We Can't Get Enough Of These Reverse Retro Livery Designs

We recently shared some epic reverse retro Formula 1 liveries by graphic designer Sean Bull, who put classic designs on a 2017 concept car.

He’s gone the other way with this set of brilliant livery concepts, instead putting more modern and recent colour schemes on cars from a variety of different eras.

And guess what? They look absolutely epic! Here’s a few more recent livery designs, 1972 style!

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Now let’s see what some modern colour schemes look like on a late eighties/early nineties F1 machine…

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He even gave us a glimpse at what some of the most famous liveries in F1 would’ve looked like in the 1996 season.

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And finally, here are a few designs using a 2002 car.

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How cool do they look? See the full set right here.