The Monaco race track doesn’t flatter the Formula E cars, they still look quite slow around Tabac, the Swimming Pool section and down the main straight.

Riding onboard doesn’t really help, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time watching F1 onboards around Monaco – and the full F1 track, at that, not the shortened FE version.

However, this comparison video from the all-electric series shows just how far it has come since season one.

It compares a Sebastien Buemi lap from the 2015 Monaco ePrix with a quick tour of the Circuit de Monaco from the 2017 Monaco ePrix, and the cars have certainly got a fair bit quicker.

Of course, for season two of Formula E saw manufacturers create their own powertrains and aero changes have also been a major cause for the increase in speed.

The power output is set to go up next season too, so expect these FE cars to get quicker and quicker.