Ahead of the Monaco GP, a new, very high yellow kerb was added to the entrance of Turn 16 – the right-hander in the second chicane in the Swimming Pool section.

Some drivers had criticised the new kerb, with Romain Grosjean describing it as a “take-off ramp”.

Obviously, the kerb was added to deter people from cutting the corner, but in F1 practice we saw quite a few cars riding it aggressively – which threw them around a bit.

But in Formula 2 qualifying in Monaco, the kerb claimed its first victim after Nobuharu Matsushita crashed at the corner.

The ART Grand Prix driver whacked the massive new kerb, which pitched the car into the air. He lost the rear and crashed into the barrier at the corner exit. Oops.

It’s the first and probably not the last crash to feature that specific kerb this weekend.