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Montoya Tests Porsche’s LMP1, Still Claims He’s Not Doing Le Mans

Juan Pablo Montoya has won the Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500 (twice) but he’s never attempted to complete the ‘Motorsport Triple Crown’ by racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

On Sunday though, Montoya got to drive Porsche’s Le Mans winning prototype, the 919 Hybrid, as part of the World Endurance Championship’s Rookie Test in Bahrain.

Many assumed the test meant Montoya would be replacing Nico Hulkenberg in the third Porsche at Le Mans, but the Colombian claims the test was just a bit of fun and that he’s fully committed to racing in IndyCar.

Despite the test being ‘a bit of fun,’ Montoya still set a lap time that was a full second quicker than Neel Jani’s lap record set in the 6 Hours of Bahrain the previous day.

Oh come on JPM, just do Le Mans already!

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