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Monza Release Statement On Terrible Fan Conditions At Italian GP

After one of the worst GPs for fans in recent years, Monza has released a statement to try and clear the air. 

Via a post on their social media pages, the circuit organisers said: “Autodromo Nazionale Monza expresses its regret for the discomfort of those who, among the many fans who flocked to the last Italian GP, would have encountered certain inconveniences.” 

The list of “inconveniences” was endless at Monza. Through a broken token system, fans were forced to wait in huge queues for access to food and water and were left hanging due to inadequate facilities. 

In their statement, Monza revealed that this was due to attendance figures for the weekend “going beyond all estimated forecasts”. 

They added: “For Autodromo Nazionale Monza the fans’ experience is a priority and for this reason a rigorous verification has been initiated also with the partners to ascertain and investigate the origin of any criticalities and take the consequent measures so that this does not happen again in the future.”

Thousands of fans took to social media to showcase the terrible conditions – but unfortunately, bad F1 experiences for fans have become a common theme in 2022.👇

F1 needs to act now, and make GP weekends a safe and special event for its fans!

11 thoughts on “Monza Release Statement On Terrible Fan Conditions At Italian GP

  • I’m sorry, what? Did they not have sales figures well in advance of the race and were completely taken aback by the number of attendees? This just reeks of gross incompetence and doing things the Italian way: half-assed.

    • It was sold out and they were selling official tickets all weekend so they were not bothered at all. More than 350000 people and only 5 water stations where it took more than 2 hours to refill a bottle…

  • WTF1: Maybe fun to make a poll to see which GrandPrix was the best at the organisation. (Probaly going to be Silverstone becaus eof the British people. :P)

    • I’m actually betting it was probably Miami. new street circuit, so you can make the infrastructure as good as you want, you don’t have to deal with an older circuit’s quirks (they’re awesome, but not built for crowds). American, so the security was probably way better (because we need the extra security lol) and probably well prepared for the heat. but idk.

        • That’s cool! I bet spa’s working extra hard to make up for last year lol. Not super impressed with the security at zandvoort, but that’s the same at pretty much every track

  • attending monza is already difficult even without the overcrowding. taking public transportation and traversing the autodromo all requires walking many miles and cramming into several stuffed trains and busses

  • similar shit in Melbourne, queues for food and drink were 45+ minutes on the saturday, i didn’t even bother going sunday.
    the queues just to get across the pedestrian bridges were 200m long and it was taking 30 minutes, there were just way too many people for the amount of infrastructure in place…. just the organisers being too greedy and trying to make up for lost revenue from the last couple of years

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