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Most Single-Seater Championships Will Have The Halo In The Next Two Years

It’s not just Formula 1 getting the Halo in 2018. The new Formula 2 car will have one fitted, as will the cars in the new Formula 3 Americas championship. The cars of the 2018/19 Formula E season will be fitted with them, too.

Head protection of drivers has been a huge priority of the FIA and now that it’s a thing in Formula 1, the aim is to get it implemented in junior series as quickly as possible, with 2020 being the aim. FIA safety advisor David Lapworth said:

“We need to recognise that the roll-out is as important as the pioneering. It’s great to have the top-level formulae like F1 being able to engineer new solutions and push the boundaries, but in terms of saving lives the roll-out is where the big numbers come.”

“There are 22 or 24 guys in an F1 race at the weekend, but there are thousands racing in different categories worldwide. So that’s the area that is getting more focused through the discussions we’re having. Let’s consider not just what F1 needs, but how can we make this universal and how can we make it happen as quickly as possible.”

One open-wheel series where the cars won’t have their looks ruined by the addition of the Halo in the non-FIA-run IndyCar series. It’s already said that it’s planning to use its own solution (likely to be some kind of screen) as the design of the Halo blocks the driver’s vision too much on ovals.

It looks like it’s something we’re going to have to get used to though because before long, there’ll be no escaping it. It won’t be long until we’re all used to it though, right?!

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