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Five Formula One Acts of Revenge

Today marks 25 years since one of the most memorable yet shocking moments in Formula One history, as Ayrton Senna took rival Alain Prost out of the 1990 Japanese Grand Prix to win the championship.

It’s not the only time racing drivers have gotten their revenge though, here are some of the best/worst acts of revenge. Some funny, some dangerous and some just down right devious.

Damon Hill vs Michael Schumacher – 1997 Japanese Grand Prix

Stuck in an uncompetitive Arrows, Damon Hill rarely got close to Michael Schumacher in 1997. So when the German came to lap him at Suzuka, Hill didn’t want to miss this rare chance to screw over his old rival.

Hill blocked Schumacher for a whole lap before letting Frentzen, who was in second, straight by without any fuss.

Ayrton Senna vs Alain Prost – 1990 Japanese Grand Prix

We all know how this one pans out. Ayrton Senna wasn’t happy about starting on the dirty side of the grid, nor what happened the previous year when the two rivals came together at Suzuka.

When Prost got the better start, Senna took the Frenchman clean out of the race and the championship.

Pastor Maldonado vs Lewis Hamilton – 2011 Belgian Grand Prix

When Lewis Hamilton and Pastor Maldonado had a moment during qualifying for the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix rather than simply talk about it afterwards Maldonado decided he’d instead crash into Hamilton’s car to show him what he thought of it. Classic Pastor.

Keke Rosberg vs Ayrton Senna – 1985 European Grand Prix

Keke Rosberg didn’t take too kindly to being taken out by Ayrton Senna at Brands Hatch in 1985. Following the incident he pitted and conveniently came out just in front of Senna.

He then blocked race leader Senna, which allowed Rosberg’s Williams teammate Nigel Mansell to grab the lead. Rosberg then let Mansell straight passed him before continuing to block Senna. *Troll face*

Fernando Alonso vs Lewis Hamilton – 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix

Shortly after Lewis Hamilton refused his McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso track position, Alonso came in for tyres before his final qualifying lap.

In a devious act that Dick Dastardly would have been proud of, the Spaniard waited in his pit box while Hamilton had to queue behind him. He had waited the perfect amount of time, giving himself a flying lap as well as stopping Hamilton from getting a final lap in.

Alonso grabbed pole position on his final flying lap but later got a grid penalty for his actions.

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