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Six Unusual Christmas Presents For Motorsport Fans

Christmas is now just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a special present for a motorsport fan in your life, but are looking for something a little more special than the standard team merchandise; then we’ve put together a collection of unique presents for your perusal.

Beautiful Bespoke Wooden Circuits by Graham and Leigh

bespoke circuit

If you’ve got a favourite circuit, or even three, Graham and Leigh create these awesome wooden framed racetracks. The circuits of your choice are laser cut out of wood and seemingly float above the background.

Sterling Silver F1 Circuit Jewellery by Alyssa Smith


If you think you may have seen these before then you’re probably right, as these pieces of F1 jewellery are the ones Suzi Perry wears during the BBC’s F1 coverage. If silver circuits aren’t your thing, you can always order a bespoke piece.

Unique Upcycled Pieces from Racing Gold


If you’re after a gift for a racing fan who’s just moved into a new place, then Racing Gold could be the perfect place to look. They up-cycle Formula One car parts to make them into all sorts, from mobile phone holders to lamps.

Wooden Wall Art Sculptures and Circuit Coasters from Linear Edge


Another one for the race track lovers, Linear Edge offer these ridiculously cool pieces of wall art but if that’s out of your price range, the race track coasters are pretty sweet too.

Various F1 Themed Gifts from Memento Exclusives


Memento Exclusives offer probably the most unique F1 gifts out there, ranging from F1 parts turned into keyrings right up to driver memorabilia like a Jenson Button fireproof top or Fernando Alonso’s seat belts.

F1 T-Shirts and Mugs from the WTF1 Shop


Shameless plug I know, but if you’re after some Formula One merchandise that isn’t covered in sponsorship, the WTF1 Shop has a whole range of amusing T-Shirts, hoodies and mugs for F1 fans to enjoy. Why not check it out!

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