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Motorsport Manager For PC Is Here And It Looks Absolutely Awesome

Despite being a pretty niche game and subject, Motorsport Manager proved to be a big hit for mobile devices and tablets with over 1.6 million downloads on iOS and Android.

But for those who want to have a more detailed and immersive experience of managing your own race team, you’re in luck because Motorsport Manager is now out for PC (both Windows and Mac).

The game effectively puts you in control of your own race teams, making your way up the feeder championships to the pinnacle of single-seaters.

Everything depends on you – from strategy to car development and management of team members. Good results will only be achievable if you can get all of these elements to come together.

The trailer gives a glimpse of what Motorsport Manager is all about and gameplay footage on YouTube is also a good indication of just how fun and immersive the game really is.

It looks like a lot of fun for the motorsport geeks among us, who don’t just want to drive the actual cars around the track.

As well as sorting all of the off-track things out, you – of course – get to watch all of the races and control what happens during them. It’ll probably make you realise just how hard F1 team members work on the pit wall to make things happen.


What’s even better about Motorsport Manager is there aren’t many games like it around. There are no licenses too, so it’s all within its own world. And if you’re worried about it being any good, the fact big-name game publisher SEGA got on board to back it is certainly a very good sign.

Motorsport Manager is out now for Windows and Mac, having been launched on the 10th November. More information can be found right here.

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