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Much better: 2012 Concept F1 liveries

Let’s face it, most modern liveries are boring, unimaginative and poorly executed. Gone are sleek lines to match the cars shape, instead replaced with bodged jobs, littered in sponsorship logos. Just look at the Sauber for example, black, white and red all work together and they still managed to make it look terrible.

Click below for some fantastic concept F1 liveries, adding proof to the argument that F1 fans can design better liveries than these supposed ‘designers’.

McLaren – Jezson

With McLaren no longer the Mercedes works team, it’s time for them to ditch the chrome. Jezson has made this sweet looking black and red McLaren livery.

Ferrari – mantovani

There’s not really a lot Ferrari can do but they could still do something a little bit more interesting. Bruno Mantovani has done this design which features an Italian flag flash down the side, Ferrari put an Italian flag on last years car to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy, but they stuck it on the rear wing like an after thought and it looked completely stupid.

Lotus – maximilian

Ah, the black and gold Lotus. Retro liveries are all the rage these days but rather then copying the Lotus from the eighties, how about doing something more original? Maximilian has done this original Lotus design using the black and gold colour scheme.

Sauber – sam3110

The new Sauber sucks. It’s terrible. They added black to make it less boring and they managed to make it look even worse. This design from sam3110 looks much more slick.

Toro Rosso – Jezson

With Toro Rosso being the Red Bull B-team, why not advertise another one of the companies energy drinks? Jezson has created this brilliant ‘Sugar Free’ Toro Rosso livery. You’d certinaly be able to tell the teams apart then.

Williams – Azhar

This retro Williams livery by Azhar is done in the style of the 1992 Williams Renault… and it looks pretty damn good.

Marussia – purplejohn

Finally purplejohn has mocked up this Marussia livery, featuring the colours of the Russian flag. So it may look a bit Team America but it’d certainly stand out on the grid.

Which concept livery would you most like to see used in F1?



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