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NASCAR Just Introduced Some Rather Odd Regulations

Think F1 has complicated rules? NASCAR announced some major changes and they’re pretty unusual.

Will the new rules be good or bad?

It’s easy to quickly shoot down major rule changes, especially if they’re a bit different. NASCAR announced new regulations on Monday and they’re definitely unusual.

The new rules have been brought in across all three national championships, the Monster Energy Cup, Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series.

So, it’s a pretty big deal, but seems to have been met with a mixed response – a lot of fans aren’t liking what they hear, but the NASCAR drivers seem positive about the changes.

In basic terms, each race will be divided into three segments, with 10 minute gaps in between. Points will be awarded at the end of the first two sectors for the top 10, from 10 points down to one.

The changes have been met by a mixed response

They will be included in the final race tally of points. Then, at the end of the final segment (so, the end of the race and chequered flag), the winner will get 40 points.

Second through to 35th will get points from 35 down to two, with 36 and lower getting one point. Each segment winner will get one playoff point and the overall winner gets five playoff points, which get carried into the 10-race playoff at the end of the season (what was the Chase).

The playoff points will be picked up all through the season and playoffs (being added to the driver’s reset total after race 26) through to the finale at Homestead-Miami where the four finalists will race for the win. The highest finisher will be the champion.

So, absolutely huge changes in the NASCAR race format and championship decider. In a way, it’ll reward consistent drivers or those who are fast through the race but don’t get the finishing result they deserve.

Let’s hope it shakes up the racing

It’s hoped the new rules will shake up the racing and provide a better spectacle for the fans, as well as improving the experience for drivers.

The ‘playoff’ (no longer known as the Chase), will still begin from race 27 onwards with 16 drivers, those with the most wins and then the top-scoring non-winners.

The championship leader at the end of the normal 26-race section will be awarded ‘regular season champion’ and get 15 additional playoff points, with the rest of the top 10 also getting them on a 10 (for second) to one (for 10th) playoff point basis.

Simple right? Now go and lie down.

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