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This Driver Couldn’t Race Because Someone Stole His NASCAR

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In what must be the strangest NASCAR story since a fan caused a yellow trying to take a selfie, race driver Travis Kvapil was unable to race at Atlanta Motor Speedway after his car was stolen.

Yes, someone somehow managed to steal the Team Xtreme Racing trailer and the NASCAR that went with it, eventually dumping it out on the street.

Thankfully the car was found intact but sadly for Kvapil, he ended up sitting out of qualifying while the search for his car went on, and therefore won’t get to race.

“It’s really bizarre,” Kvapil said. “You can handle maybe getting a flat tire, or getting caught up in a wreck, or a blown engine, something that actually happens on the race track. Or you don’t qualify, because you don’t have enough speed. But to not even get a chance … that’s pretty disheartening.”

Thanks to Wija for the tip!

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