Nascar's Flag Man Paid A Hilarious Tribute To iRacing's Flag Man At The Start Of A Real Race - WTF1

Nascar’s Flag Man Paid A Hilarious Tribute To iRacing’s Flag Man At The Start Of A Real Race

iRacing gets lots of things right, but when it comes to coding things like the way the guy at the start/finish line waves the flags, accuracy isn’t entirely important. As a result, the virtual starter moves in an aggressive and slightly janky way, slapping the flag up and down like he’s trying to use it to put out a small fire.

During Nascar’s iRacing events over the past couple of months, the flag-waver (or Barney, as he’s become known) became something of a cult hero, to the point where even Nascar itself honoured him before the real racing resumed.

Ahh yes, the real racing. Nascar returned to actual circuits on 17 May and has already run three races in the space of a week – each without fans, following strict social distancing in the paddocks, and condensing each event into one day.

During the second race at Darlington last Thursday, the starter, Joey Aycock, decided to pay this brilliant tribute to Barney by expertly mimicking his unique flag-waving technique.

We’ll give that a solid 8/10 for execution – Barney really puts the full force of his upper body into it – but it has to be a 10/10 for effort. We love it!

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