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The New Haas VF-17 Is Here

A photo of the car was leaked online on Saturday and although you couldn’t see much detail, it looked to have the most attractive interpretation of a shark fin yet, although unfortunately it also has a thumb nose. Booo.

Images of the car surfaced online before it was officially launched
Just one of the images of the car which surfaced online before it was officially launched

There’s also a new, darker livery, with graphite grey (or being an American team, perhaps that should be ‘gray’) replacing the white.

Thankfully the official studio shots are much clearer and show off that muted (but frankly pretty good) livery, as well as all the elements you’d expect from a 2017 F1 car.

Haas have stylised its shark fin nicely
A new dark grey livery for Haas
Here it is - the Haas VF-17
The Haas VF-17

Haas go into their sophomore season off the back of a promising, if slightly troubled debut year. Romain Grosjean remains with the team, but renowned blue flag ignorer and master of finishing 11th Esteban Gutierrez has been replaced by Kevin Magnussen.

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