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New Project Cars 2 Trailer And Game Details Released

Slightly Mad Studios has released a brand-new trailer for the up-coming Project Cars 2, alongside some fresh details on the game.

PC2 is shaping up nicely...
PC2 is shaping up nicely…

Project Cars 2 is coming to consoles late in 2017 and, judging by the new trailer and game details, it looks pretty awesome.

First up, the new trailer shows off the game in its “work in progress” phase, giving us a glimpse at the stunning graphics and new features.

The game is set for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC with – according to the developers – the widest range of tracks and over 170 licensed cars.

There are also a whole host of new vehicle types and motorsport classes, including the addition of Rallycross and IndyCar.

PC2 will also feature a load of new online championships, which’ll spice things up when you want a break from career mode.

More cars, tracks, racing series, sounds good?
More cars, tracks, racing series, sounds good?

A big positive from the original PC game was the dynamic weather system and that’s being taken up a few notches for the new title, with improvements to seasonal changes, track evolution and additional conditions to tackle.

PC2 also features a 24-hour vehicle, weather and temperate change cycle, which sounds intriguing…

There’s even the chance to do some ice track driving, which looks like a load of fun. Naturally there’s also improvements to AI, handling and gameplay to be expected too.

Ice racing is in PC2
Ice racing is in PC2

It all sounds pretty promising in these early stages of PC2, and the game also has Virtual Reality and 12K (on PC only) support, which is an added plus.

We still don’t have a locked in release date, so we’ll just have to put up with late 2017 for now.

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