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Nico Hulkenberg Is Now Getting Involved In Electric Scooter Racing

He might have stepped in for Sebastian Vettel at the start of the year, but it’s safe to say Nico Hulkenberg is probably starting to think about life away from F1. Although ‘The Hulk’ has made many surprise appearances over the past few seasons, covering for drivers with covid, he’s not managed to secure a full-time race seat in F1 since he left Renault in 2019.

As well as starting a family and doing some TV pundit work, Nico has set his sights on a new challenge: founding his own race team!

However, Nico is getting involved in a rather unusual kind of racing – scooters 🛴

The eSkootr Championship will see 100km/h eSkootrs race worldwide in six locations, with the first round being in London this month.

Although Nico won’t be on the scooter himself, he will be working closely with his team, appropriately named ‘27X by Nico Hulkenberg’.

“I am excited to jump into a completely new role as team owner of 27X and to become a part of this new micromobility adventure,” Hulk said about the new project.

“It will definitely be more than a typical racing series, and I am sure that we have a very entertaining sport in the making, with experienced motorsport experts behind it.

“Racing in urban cities is unique and will be a great stage to develop sustainable and a safe mobility.”

Best of luck with the new challenge, Nico! 

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