Nico Hulkenberg Just Posted This Bizarre Training Video – WTF1

Nico Hulkenberg Just Posted This Bizarre Training Video

If you’ve ever wanted to see Nico Hulkenberg chasing a vehicle down a road topless after a bar of chocolate, now’s your chance.

Whilst Daniel Ricciardo posted a cracking video of what he’s been up to in the off-season, Nico Hulkenberg has given us this slightly more low budget clip of him doing what appears to be a bit of routine training. But then comes a shocking twist that even M. Night Shyamalan couldn’t have predicted.

Chocolate? For a racing driver?! These are meant to be fit, lean athletes, committed entirely to a diet consisting of grilled chicken and lentils. They’re not meant to enjoy food! If he carries on like this Hulkenberg will end up like…well, like Montoya. Only without the success.

There’s a thought – if they gave out chocolate instead of champagne on the podium, maybe he would have had one by now?

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