Nico Rosberg Had To Go Find Some Socks Before Getting Into Wimbledon

Nico Rosberg Had To Go Find Some Socks Before Getting Into Wimbledon

The reigning Formula 1 world champion was missing an element of the Wimbledon dress code and almost wasn’t allowed in

Nico Rosberg is definitely enjoying his retirement from F1 at the moment – he’s visited a few races, Goodwood and the F1 Live event in London in between holidays and quality time with his family.

Last year’s F1 champion also dropped into Wimbledon on Friday to watch some Tennis from the Royal Box, but he almost wasn’t allowed in…

That’s because what he was wearing didn’t meet the strict Wimbledon dress codes, which famously meant his former Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton was refused entry back in 2014.

Rosberg was sporting a pair of shoes without socks, which is against the dress code for the Royal Box, and according to BT Sport he was told of the error during an interview with Wimbledon’s in-house radio station.
Here’s his reaction:

“No way, I made such an effort to be dressed adequately. I cannot believe that. I messed it up. I cannot believe that, so I have to go shopping now, right?”

So, Rosberg had to go on the hunt for some socks. Whether he actually went shopping or not, we’re not sure, but he eventually found some and was allowed in the Royal Box at Centre Court.

The day didn’t quite go as smoothly as Rosberg would’ve wanted (and followed him losing his F1 drivers’ title trophy for five days), but he made fun of the issue on Twitter afterwards.

But, it was quickly resolved, he found some socks and got to watch the action. At least now he’ll know for next time that shoes without socks is not acceptable.