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Nikita Mazepin Has Officially Lost His F1 Seat

It’s official, Nikita Mazepin is OUT! With just two weeks to go until the first race of the season in Bahrain, Haas have announced they’ve dropped the Russian driver for the 2022 season.

Mazepin’s return was already looking increasingly unlikely, as economic sanctions due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine put his Uralkali sponsorship at risk. On the final day of testing last week, Haas pulled all of the Russian fertiliser producer’s branding from their cars and paddock buildings.

Additionally, despite the FIA ruling that all Russian and Belarusian drivers could continue to compete under a neutral flag, some countries have taken matters into their own hands.

Motorsport UK has banned drivers from both countries from competing in the UK, including at the British Grand Prix this July.

Mazepin’s F1 career has been dominated by controversy. Before he’d even made his debut last year, Haas had to release a statement about an “abhorrent” social media post and condemned his actions.

Things didn’t get any better on track, with Mazepin being beaten by his teammate and fellow rookie Mick Schumacher and struggling to get to grips with the VF-21.

Are you surprised to see Mazepin gone? Let us know in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Nikita Mazepin Has Officially Lost His F1 Seat

  • Rob Markham says:

    No loss to the paddock; he was only there due to “daddy’s” money and not on personal ability.

  • Raghvendra Misra says:

    Id love to see Hulk or Gio back in f1. I dont think getting oscar piastri or fittipaldi or any rookie driver in that seat is going to help them at all.

    • John Veryan says:

      Sadly, Haas are going to need a driver that has a sponsorship deal in their back pocket. I don’t think talent and experience are going to be considerations, hence why we had Hazaspin in the first place.

      • Reports indicate that they will simply promote Pietro Fittipaldi though I suspect they will be the landing spot for Zhou next year if and when Alfa Romeo promote Pourchaire.

  • John Veryan says:

    Good. He was crap anyway. The only man to be beaten by a reserve driver with one hand that only raced in two Grands Prix.

  • Andy Jamieson says:

    I think the sport will be better off without Mazepin Junior or Senior. Nikita is, in my opinion, one of, if not, the worst driver to sit in an F1 car never mind actually drive one! As for his father, well I’d say we’re better off with any Putin’s close friends being associated with the sport.

  • Andy Jamieson says:

    I’d like to see Paul Di Resta back in an F1 car. I know thats never going to happen. I just think he is a very talented driver and given a semi good car he’d be up there on the podium.

  • Richard Jackson says:

    Haas exploded onto the scene when they first arrived. Somewhat dubious supply chain sourcing was pretty cunning, similar to the pink Mercedes scenario.

    After that their title sponsor wanted out. Only wanted to be in F1 if winning and looking like vankers did not appeal.

    Have been chasing sponsorship just to survive ever since and taking pay drivers is part of that.

    Real shame is to have a Schumacher tied up in this mess.

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