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Nikita Mazepin Won His First Motorsport Event Since Losing F1 Seat

He might have lost his F1 seat in controversial circumstances earlier this year, but Nikita Mazepin was determined to keep racing in 2022. The Russian driver, who Haas dropped before this F1 season began, decided to take on a different challenge and entered the Silk Way Rally.

The rally is a marathon-based event in Russia, starting in Astrakhan before finishing in Moscow and taking place over ten days.

Mazepin was making his debut on the event and has never raced in cross-country rallies before. However, he did pick up plenty of off-road experience during his year in F1 πŸ‘€

After winning Stage 7 of the event, Nikita retained the lead and ended up being top of the time sheets for his T3 class at the overall finish line, making him the winner of his category for side-by-side vehicles.

This update comes just weeks after Mazepin suggested that he plans to sue Haas after losing his F1 seat at the start of 2022 due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Do you think Mazepin will ever come back to F1?

33 thoughts on “Nikita Mazepin Won His First Motorsport Event Since Losing F1 Seat

  • Augusto Guimaraes says:

    Okay, Honestly, this is Hilarious. a Win is a Win, no matter how unknown and worthless the event is. Props to him.

    • ηŽ‹ε‰εΎ· Gerhard Wanninger says:

      A win is a win? Do you know that there is a real war going on effecting the whole world? And in this situation, a Russian wins a Russian race, surprise or propaganda? You slap the dead and suffering in Ukraine right into their face! Disgusting!

      • Nayasa Vats says:

        lmao someone is doubting Mazepin, even if you were Russian you would have been trashed. stop crying you are a terrible impersonator, either that or you are a disgrace to the chinese people

  • He is a good sportsman, don’t know why people always messing politics and sport. So disgusting.
    GG’s Nikita. πŸ™‚

    • Igor Gorbenko says:

      he only made it into F1 because of his dad’s money, but his dad also finances war crimes now so no one wants his blood money. and if you can simply ignore mass murder because sports, something’s not right with you.

        • Sainz has actually proven his talent, Stroll isnt as bad as Mazespin but also probably doesn’t deserve a seat, Latifi is another rich boy. You can do well in f2 and f3 if you buy your way on to top teams. Mazespin wasn’t even the best Russian driver in F2 when he was called up.

        • What about Sainz?
          Are you actually comparing Carlos, who’s driving for Ferrari and in 4th place in the drivers standings, to Mazepin and Stroll?

          You are either a troll or an – insert intelligence insulting word/words that could get me banned if I wrote them here -.

        • Sainz is a good and decent comparing him to Mazepin is an insult. Mazepins F2 and F3 was extremely mixed his first season in F3 he finished on P20 while his teammate Russel came P3. His second season he came P10. His first season in GP3 he came P2 his teammates came P1 P3 and P8. In his first F2 Series he came P18 his Teammate de Vries won. Second season he came P5 Mick won. And we should not forget that he has a terrible character. Punshed a driver and groped a women.

        • Do you actually believe Carlos Sainz is worse than Mazepin? How is it possible for a human being to come to that conclusion? I’m guessing you’re a fan of Putin’s as well tbh, that level of bias is the only possible explanation.

    • I’m sure you didn’t know this but in 2017 (2007*) the Russian government gave Dimitri mazapin everything that is currently under the Uralchem company that he owns. You’re right politics and sports shouldn’t mix which is why Dimitri is no longer in formula 1

    • Kostya Romanenko says:

      How the hell can you not mess up politics and sport with this guy? Daddy mazepin is literally putin’s living wallet. This means that young mazepin had used dirty corrupted money to EVEN HAVE a chance to be in F1. I won’t even talk about a deal with Haas

      • You are crazy bro, why you even mention Putin in this, or any other politician πŸ˜€
        I’m just sayin that if you comparing someone’s MONEY in F1, you have Sainz and his family with big sponsorship, you have Stroll, you have Mazepin, wtf politics you are talking about, cant believe your heads are so messed up with some conflict.

        • Kostya Romanenko says:

          Ofc I will be messed up with it, because I’ve seen this “some conflict” in my own eyes in Kyiv. And all of my friends and relatives right now are in danger because of your “shitty politics”. And I see, compared to you, the difference between dirty and normal money.

  • Alexander Smith says:

    Promotion for a Russian event that circumvents the measure put in place to actually put pressure on them to do something, Not good.

    • Resistance is Fruitful says:

      Can’t wait to see how the narrative goes when china invades very real country: Taiwan.

  • This is such a non-news item. Mazespin is a crap driver that, like Stroll, he would not even have a drive in anything if his daddy wasn’t a billionaire. Poor Mazespin. I think he should have to go serve in the military in Ukraine and get his head blown off. Oh wait, he didn’t have to do conscription because his daddy is a Putin B*#$h, Russkiy billionaire liar, cheater, thief, murderer, Cossack. I forgot. Grab for the boobs, Mazespin, it shows your abundant character!
    How about some news about the race in Ukraine? How many innocent civilians have been killed in the blatant Russian invasion of a sovereign nation??? Yea, let’s worry about Mazespin’s carrier path!

  • Slain McRoth says:

    All these salty comments about being called a lousy driver etc. Easy to talk when you are not the one in the driver seat. πŸ™‚

  • ηŽ‹ε‰εΎ· Gerhard Wanninger says:

    A Russian wins a Russian event, thanks Vladimir! I hope everyone understands, that Mazepin’s father is, as an Oligarch, a close friend to the president who does not only start wars but controlls the country and decides, who wins local races.

  • Ellis Fahrengart says:

    Regardless how Bad Personality Mazepin is, Can You people please Respect the Rally? Honestly It’s the one of Biggest and hardest Rally-Raid event like the Dakar

  • michael caley says:

    He seemed to be a decent guy but was bothered by Mick because of his dad’s success. Glad he won the Siberian 500.

  • MentalParadox says:

    Not THAT surprising. Different drivers will have various levels of talent in various forms of motorsport. Clearly he’s a better rally raid driver than open-wheel racer. Good for him, I guess.

  • David Johnson says:

    WTF1 … dont promote Russian racing or any sports. By putting light to this, you do damage. Wake up and be actively involved in something, by choosing not to work against the world.

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