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There Won’t Be A German Grand Prix In 2017

There will be no German Grand Prix on the calendar next year according to Georg Seiler, the boss of the Hockenheim circuit.

Apparently negotiations fell through and an agreement with Bernie couldn’t be made. Speaking to German magazine AutoBild, Seiler said: “There was no offer that would have excluded all economic risks” – or in other words, ‘we can’t afford Bernie’s extortionate prices’.

The news will hardly be a surprise to F1 fans, as comments made by Bernie earlier this month made it clear that the race was under severe threat. This will mark the second time in three years that there will be no race in Germany on the calendar as the planned deal to alternate races between Hockenheim and the Nurburgring seems to have come to an end.

This means that there will ‘only’ be 20 races on the 2017 calendar, which is good news for the teams at least. It remains to be seen whether the race will return for 2018 – maybe with Malaysia and Singapore wanting to drop their races it’ll have a better chance in the future. We hope so, because F1 needs a race in Germany.

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