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Norris Says Bromance With Sainz Helped McLaren Achieve P3 In Constructors’

They’ll forever be known as the dream team among fans. The partnering of Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz certainly brought one of the most wholesome friendships on the grid, and Norris has told why that friendship is how McLaren were able to finish the season third in the constructors’ championship.

After a stunning result for Norris and Sainz today, in fifth and sixth respectively, as well as their main rival Sergio Perez retiring early on the race, McLaren managed to secure third in the constructors championship – their best result since 2012. 

With a switch to Mercedes-power next year, and a new drive lineup of Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, Lando was asked why this year was such a strong one for the Woking-based team. 

“One of most important things in achieving third this year was the combination of good mates and good friendship, but also how much we are competitive and how much we want to beat each other.

“When you put both of them together, it’s the perfect combination to get P3.

Carlos Sainz Jr and Lando Norris at the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix © XPB Images
Carlos Sainz Jr and Lando Norris at the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix © XPB Images

“There have been a lot of races this year where we have executed things well as a team. 

“Between us, we have scored much better results because of that. 

“That’s because I respect Carlos, he respects me and we wanted to do the best job for the team. Today demonstrated that perfectly.”

Sainz, who will race for Ferrari in 2021, was initially investigated after the race for being unnecessarily slow in the pitlane but it has since been confirmed that there will be no further action.

“Of course I’ll miss him,” Norris continued when talking about his bromance with Carlos. “We have had a lot of good moments together and fun times and a pleasure to learn from him.”

After gushing about Carlos, Lando also went to explain how it was the “perfect day” for the team, although they were helped out with Perez’s retirement. 

“Everything went to plan. In terms of our result – with P5 and P6 – we did everything we could. We couldn’t have done anything anymore.”

Did you think McLaren would manage to finish the constructors’ in third, or did you think Racing Point had it in the bag? Let us know.


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4 thoughts on “Norris Says Bromance With Sainz Helped McLaren Achieve P3 In Constructors’

  • Key differences between Mclaren and Racing Point, Mclaren had TWO Drivers working together and a team boss whom kept to the rules and promoted good clean racecraft at ALL times, and even with the Renault Engine /System failures never did you hear the team boss or drivers publically or otherwise say one bad word about Renault not one!!
    Racing Point had TWO Drivers, but there was the one word missing team-Perez has never been a team player he as always drives for himself, and as for young Stroll he is just not good enough, far more miss than hit-more importantly the culture within Racing Point absolutely reeks, led by at best 2nd rate team principle that spends his time whinging about others whilst missing or doing nothing about what IS going on in HIS team!! He stood back and allowed Stroll senior to impose his son a clearly not a proficient F1 Racing Car Driver to be imposed on the team and stood there whilst Ocon was benched, a driver with far better skills stronger future and steady points scorer, then he allows stroll senior to replace Perez with Vettal, what he SHOULD have been demanding keep Perez and replace stroll junior with Vetal-but he did not instead he proved to all he was there as a yes man not on merit!! Then we get to Racing Point Gate-those brake ducts SHOULD have been removed immediately not the end of the season!! ALL season we have had to listen to Racing Point /their team principle+stroll senior whine on about their unjust treatment-for what exactly? They being caught out cheating-using illegal parts on their cars-yes call it what you like, massaging the truth, bending the rules, but still it is cheating!! And then we come to yesterday, tell me just one thing, after braking to enter the pit lane, or on exit IF you dont believe me, when did Carlos’s engine note change all the way to his pit box, or out of his pit box after initial acceleration-his engine /throttle was held tight on its limiter or just under by Carlos throughout-just listen to the engine note for yourself…. But again we have the Racing Point team principle making wild claims based on what exactly-what about looking at the trace of stroll junior…. he was close very close to taking out Sainz, its ok giving it beans coming into the pits but one has to temper ones speed to the car ahead of you NOT as stroll did leave half of his tyres at the 80km marker board!! Sainz slowed down carefully arriving at the 80km board then proceeding down the pitlane with steady engine note ie on the limiter I would have looked at stroll’s limiter settings personally!! Then the not on merit team principle wanted to rewrite the rules, he wanted Sainz thrown out-why? The only way Racing Point could and would have been 3rd in the constructors league, or put it another way start the season by bending the rules to fit, ending the year by trying to create /modify rules to fit-one word fits both ends of their season……cheating!!
    I just hope that next year Aston Martin start with a new emphisis, a team principle whom is there on merit, no longer pushing the rules, no longer constantly whinging about rules or decisions that dont go there way-take examples from Mclaren or Renault…. you do not hear of them whining on all of the time, sure they appeal what they see as unfair /wrong decisions but then they accept the results, and move on-so should have Racing Point, and I hope with a new year, new team name, new more reasonable upstanding point of view is spread from top to bottom of the Aston Martin Team. As for young stroll he needs to spend every waking hour of the 96 down days polishing up his race craft, finding and maintaining race speed, learning how to better manage the tyres underneath him, and learn how to STOP blaming everyone else, and learn to look inwards at himself, and NOT to keep taking examples from his father-bully everyone into submission or simply throw money at the problem!! Still think ridding the team of Perez WILL come back to bite stroll senior firmly in his posterior-just as he deserves!!

    • all due respect my man, Stroll isnt a bad driver. He got like 2 podiums this year, and in my opinion if it was me leading the race team, if Sainz really slowed down for a racing advantage, I would certainly report it
      Other than that, its also a game for money. 3rd,4th in the constructors are $6m of a difference. I don’t see why you whining and complaining about rp

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