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Norris Goes Savage On Stroll After Their Portuguese GP Crash

Norris and Stroll both came together during the Portuguese Grand Prix on lap 18, sending Stroll flying into the gravel at Turn 1 – the second time the Racing Point driver found himself in a collision at that corner over the weekend.

Running in 7th before the contact with Stroll, Lando ended up finishing 13th and out of the points.

Speaking to F1’s Lawrence Barretto post-race, Lando certainly didn’t hold back with his opinion on the crash which ultimately led to him finishing out of the points.

“I don’t know what he was really doing,” Lando said about Stroll’s move.

“He went to the left, which I was quite surprised by when he very easily could have gone to the right. Also, I was easily half-way alongside and he just turned in, so he obviously didn’t learn from Friday.”

It was on Friday, during FP2, when Stroll had a similar prang with Max Verstappen. The tangle caused damage to both cars and brought an abrupt end to Stroll’s session as he couldn’t continue.

“He doesn’t seem to learn from anything he does,” Lando continued.

“It happens a lot with him. I just need to make sure I stay away next time.”

Lance Stroll has since been awarded a 5 second time penalty and two penalty points for the crash with Norris, deeming “Stroll was predominantly at fault for the collision.”

“Stroll made a late move around Norris at the end of the main straight. He then drove straight towards the apex of turn one while Norris was still partially alongside.

“Norris moved as far to the apex as he could just avoiding the aggressive sausage [kerb] on the inside, and thus did everything he could to avoid the collision,” the statement from the FIA read.

Lando Norris at the Portuguese Grand Prix © XPB Images
Lando Norris and Lance Stroll at the Portuguese Grand Prix © XPB Images

With these two penalty points, in addition to another penalty point Stroll picked up during the Portuguese GP for ‘leaving the track’, Stroll now has a total of three penalty points in the 12-month period.

What did you think of the crash? Was it careless from Stroll?

Lando Norris © XPB Images
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