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Nyck de Vries Will Be Making His FP1 Debut In Spain This Weekend

There’ll be a different face behind the wheel of a Williams car this weekend, as the reigning Formula E champ, Nyck de Vries, will join the team for some FP1 running!

With F1 heading to Spain this weekend, de Vries will jump into the FW44 for an hour as he replaces Alex Albon during the first practice session on Friday.

“Firstly, I’d really like to thank Williams for the opportunity to run in FP1,” Nyck said about the news!

“It’s great for me to get to know the team and drive the FW44, and also to get myself out on track during a Formula One weekend.

“Preparation for the test is going well so far and the team have been incredibly supportive of me. I’m very much looking forward to the whole experience in Spain now!”

Nyck is the current Reserve Driver for the Mercedes F1 team. He joined the team in this role in 2021 and continues his duties with the eight-time Constructors’ Champions this year, too.

He’s already got some experience in an F1 car, having taken part in the F1 post-season test in Abu Dhabi as recently as last year.

Nyck de Vries © XPB Images

7 thoughts on “Nyck de Vries Will Be Making His FP1 Debut In Spain This Weekend

  • Ethan Woolsgrove says:

    I’m so gassed to finally see Nyck in a F1 Car he is such a good young talent and I think he deserves a shot to compete at the highest level

  • Looks like 2023 is shaping up to be a mass influx of rookie drivers. Williams – Latifi out, McLaren – Ricciardo out, AM – Vettel out, Alpine – Alonso out. Possible Yuki and Mick too but those both would be a travesty since they are both improving.

    Piastri, Herta, De Vries…. Would be a nice trio to enter.

    • If Pourchaire wins F2, he’s definitely taking over for Zhou at AR. There’s a reason they only wanted to give Zhou a one year deal and Pourchaire is that reason.

      • How much money is attached to Zhou? Obviously that has played a defining role in his signing.

        I wish the likes of Zhou, Stroll, Latifi, etc didn’t exist but money is money and better to sacrifice a seat then go out of business. Just a shame how many young talents never get to see the light of day.

        • Well we lost Mazepin this year and we’re likely to lose Zhou and Latifi next year so it’s getting better.

          • Ryan Doble says:

            Bold assumption, we only lost Mazepin due to geopolitical conflict, nothing to do with F1. If not for that, he’d still be around. China is a market worth billions, meaning Zhou is worth his weight in gold right now. As long as the Chinese race goes ahead next year, I guarantee Zhou stays. He’s worth too much money. Latifi is only getting kicked out cause he wrecks once a weekend.

          • If Zhou stays it’s with a different team. He’s never meant more to AR than a lucrative place holder for Pourchaire.

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