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Oi Santa: Full Size Formula 1 Simulator For Sale

If you’ve been good this year… really, really good, Santa might just treat you to one of these. You’ll need a bloody big stocking though and your parents, sorry Santa, will need around £90,000 going spare. So you better have been good! The simulator comes in a choice of colours but it’d be even sweeter to have a livery painted on it.

I’m gonna hook it up to F1 Race Stars, just for the lols.


  • Brand: FMCG International
  • Model Number: N/A
  • Floor plan: Composite, finished with carbon fibre detail
  • Main tub: Woven composite
  • Side pods: Composite, finished with carbon fibre detail inside
  • Rear deck (engine cover): Composite, finished, includes integral aero components
  • Nose cone: Composite with detailed fixings to main tub and pillars to front
  • Main plan and front wing: Composite, finished with carbon fibre details
  • Head rest: Composite – removable to allow easy access for when in use as simulator
  • Engine / gear box frame: Spacer frame manufactured from box section – fully seam welded and coated black
  • Rear deformable structure: Composite, finished in carbon fibre. Rain light detail above
  • Rear wing end plates: Composite with aero detail to outside face
  • Rear wing main plane: Composite, finished in carbon fibre on leading edge
  • Uprights: Machined from high grade alloy
  • Brake callipers: AP Racing or Brembo
  • Wheel nuts: Machined from high grade metal, anodised in Red and Black to identify side of car
  • Brake disks: Carbon, with disc bell from machined from high grade metal
  • Upper wishbones: Carbon Fibre detail where visible
  • Lower wishbones: Carbon Fibre detail where visible
  • Push rods: Carbon Fibre detail where visible
  • Gear box: Machined from single block of alloy, with alloy drive shafts
  • Wheel rims: Magnesium alloy, sprayed in contrasting colour
  • Tyres: Pirelli F1™ travel / show tyres
  • T camera: Composite carbon fibre finished in black / carbon with orange race decals
  • Brake ducts: Composite with carbon detail secured to uprights
  • Exhausts: Protruding from rear body work, polished finish
  • Steering: Custom made, high use force feedback unit with industrial rollers and motors
  • Steering wheel: Quick release steering wheel that is designed to visually match an F1™ type steering wheel.
  • Pedals: High end solution, with electronically adjustable (suitable for varying height users)
  • Painting: All body work is prepared for final painting, primed, undercoated and finished in a high gloss top coat. Final colour to be finished in Silver, Red or Black. Please specify this at time of ordering
  • Screen: 3 x 23 inch wide TFT Screens (8ms) with super slim bezels, mounted on an adjustable frame
  • Speakers: 5.1 digital speaker system, screen towers house main front speakers, with remaining speakers located inside the car. Sub-woofer is positioned at driver’s back for added effect
  • Computer: Custom super high end digital PC with Intel Core i7 processor, Intel SSD hard drive for ultimate read / write speeds, triple head graphics card with display port, 16GB RAM, 1200w PSU, Windows 7 – 64 bit professional, wireless keyboard with integral mouse

“Due to the nature of this product you cannot ‘Add to Basket’ & checkout from this page.” No Shit, Sherlock.




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