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Watch The Entire 1989 Portuguese GP From Onboard Berger’s V12 Ferrari

Onboard footage of classic Formula One is hard to come by, so make the most of this video of an ENTIRE race from onboard Gerhard Berger’s Ferrari.

Twenty-five years ago today Berger won the Portuguese Grand Prix in the gorgeous Ferrari 640. This was the first season of running a semi-automatic gearbox and the car proved unreliable (indeed Berger only finished three races that year, all of which were on the podium) so turn up the volume and enjoy the glorious V12 soundtrack as Gerhard leads almost the entire race, navigates traffic and takes a serene pit stop (compared to today) to take victory.

The 1989 Portuguese Grand Prix is also remembered for being the race where Nigel Mansell famously got disqualified for reversing in the pitlane, failing to see the black flag and then taking Senna out of the race – an act Sergio Canamasas would be proud of.

More importantly however, Stefan Johansson put an Onyx on the podium and Minardi led their only ever lap in the hands of Pierluigi Martini. A good race for the backmarkers.

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