Watch 24 Years Of Onboards From The Interlagos Senna S – WTF1

Watch 24 Years Of Onboards From The Interlagos Senna S

With F1 racing at the final ‘classic’ circuit of the season, it’s time for another onboard video compilation from YouTuber, rferrerF1.

As chicanes go, the Senna S is one of the best there is. With its difficult cambered and curved braking zone, the track falls away into the tighter, shorter radius second part before drivers have to accelerate through the tricky Curva do Sol and fire off down the back straight. Not only is the corner critical to good lap times, it is also an inviting place to overtake and many great passes have been performed there over the years – who can forget Montoya barging past Schumacher in only his third race, or Schumacher squeezing past Raikkonen in his ‘final race’?

Starting from 1990 – the year Interlagos returned to the calendar in a shorter layout (turn 1 used to head straight on and around an insanely fast and very banked left hander) – the video shows not only how much quicker the cars can take the corner, but also how much more kerb they start to use over the years. As ever, there’s a great array of engine noises too.



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