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One down, ten to go: How Vettel’s helmets are made

Reigning World Champion Sebastian Vettel sure goes through a lot of helmets during a season, often running new patterns and designs from race-to-race. But have you ever wondered how they are made?

Click below for an interesting look into how the helmets are designed and painted.

Jens Munser paints the base coat onto Vettel’s carbon fibre Arai helmet, including the thin gold detailing on the helmet. Believe it or not, only very small detailing on the helmet is sprayed gold to save weight!

The gold lines on Vettel’s helmet is then covered in thin tape to stop them being sprayed over.

More of the helmet is covered by the designer to avoid areas on the design coming into contact with the wrong paint layer. Once again, minimal paint is added to make sure that the helmet weighs as little as possible.

Munser then readies the silver paint to go on the helmet, to fit the traditional blue & silver Red Bull helmet colours.

The silver paint is then sprayed on to the helmet.

The helmet is then dried in a 50 degree oven for 30 minutes.

Using a computer template, Munser then draws the design on to the helmet with a pencil, which is sat on a special mount so the helmet doesn’t slip.

The silver areas are now covered in masking tape as the helmet is now ready for the Red Bull blue. The masking tape has to be done perfectly as if it goes over the silver areas, it would mean having to respray the helmet silver and therefore adding weight.

The classic Red Bull blue is then added to the helmet. He can safely spray over the masking tape, as this will be removed later. The helmet is once again placed in the oven after the blue is sprayed on.

The tape is removed and the Red Bull branding is then tackled.

The floral pattern on the top and chin of Vettel’s helmet is designed on computer software.

The pattern is then transferred on to the top of the helmet which is made white. A matt finish is then applied.

After over 16 hours the helmet is complete. Next…


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