The entrance to The Dipper at Mount Panorama in darkness at the Bathurst 12 Hour is one of the worst places you could probably get stuck in a stranded car.

We imagine Frank Stippler needed a fresh race suit after this terrifying moment during the opening hour of the Bathurst 12 Hour.

In darkness, Stippler crashed his No.74 Audi at the entrance to The Dipper (the end of the twisty mountain section) and found himself facing the wrong way.

Incoming traffic had to react quickly to avoid him and a few scraped the walls and Stippler’s car itself while trying to get through.

That section of the downhill section is still pretty quick before drivers hit the brakes for The Dipper, so it could really have been much worse.

Fortunately Stippler managed to walk away from the incident, although it did cause a long safety car spell during sunrise at Bathurst.