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Oscar Piastri Is Still On Alpine Duties This Week Despite Awkward F1 Seat Rejection

We’re all aware of the awkward situation currently unfolding with Oscar Piastri and Alpine at the moment. The young Aussie talent got the promotion to full-time F1 driver in 2023 thanks to Alpine yet said ‘thanks but no’ in a very public rejection on Twitter. #Awks

There’s been a load of chatter about the next steps, especially now it’s official that Daniel Ricciardo will be leaving McLaren earlier than planned at the end of the season.

This opens a free seat up for Oscar, with it being heavily rumoured that Piastri will join Lando Norris at the team next season.

However, now Oscar is in a slightly uncomfortable situation as he still has to continue with his Alpine duties, despite making it very clear he doesn’t want anything to do with Alpine next season and plans on jumping ship 😬

This weekend, Oscar is being kept well away from the media in Spa-Francorchamps and is instead working on the Alpine simulator back at the factory.

Before all this Alpine and contract drama unfolded, the French team was scheduled to give Oscar his FP1 debut in either Belgium or Italy. However, considering the circumstances, we wonder if these will be scrapped – the only problem is Alpine HAVE to give a rookie two FP1 chances this season, and there aren’t many drivers who have enough Super Licence points for even a Friday practice outing.

According to The Race, Oscar is also understood not to have “seen out his allotted 2021 car testing programme yet, which Alpine says comprises 5000km for the season”.

It’s certainly an interesting series of events!

One thought on “Oscar Piastri Is Still On Alpine Duties This Week Despite Awkward F1 Seat Rejection

  • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

    They will bind him on chains in the factory until he accepts his faith as an Alpine driver.

    But jokes aside; I want to be in the courtroom where they will try and force him to drive for them. And I also wanted to be by the first meeting with the team, Oscar & Alonso.

    I don’t think the rookie test is that big of a problem, worse case they ask a rookie from another team.

    But I was thinking the might of Toto is quite strong, what if he tries and get Nyck de Vries in the alpine even if it is just for a year? So no Dani, Schumi nor Oscar in the Alpine? Would they think about it?

    Not that my fellow Dutchman is as good as the other fellow Dutchman (even tho he would beat me in a F1 car on a single lap if he gives me a 2minutes head start) he is still a solid driver. He has proven himself in F2 and in FE where he both a champion. I think there are worse drivers on the grid. They can make him the second driver behind Ocon.

    Since if they get Dani or Oscar in the car they won’t be second driver, Oscar has Webber as manager he will do everything in his might to not let Oscar be a second driver. He doesn’t what the same faith for Oscar as he had himself with RBR.

    If they get Schumi, he will either step up 2 stages in a year or he will drop like a stone in the water. I fear the second one. I think Schumi can become a really solid driver what might be able to get a championship if he is in the right place at the right time and a bit (a lot) of luck on his side. But to get there he needs a really solid co-driver/mentor, that can push him inside and outside the car where he can learn tons of stuff from. I think Bottas would be a perfect fit. Without Bottas Zhou would have sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Kmag is not a bad driver but I don’t think he is a good mentor for someone like Schumi.

    Story goes everywhere, just some head spins about the possible replacements for Alonso.

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